Prophets of Ordinary Time

Dear parishioners

We have now reached the Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time and often we don’t understand the importance of “Ordinary” time. This is the time of growth, the kind of discreet, silent growth that is happening all the time in our lives regardless of our level of awareness. We live in the “Year of Grace”, this ongoing “year” that began with the Nativity of Our Lord and is still going… The time we live in always contains a certain mysterious “fullness” given to us by the very presence of Our Lord.  It is not always easy to perceive the greatness that is present even in the smallest things about ourselves and our lives.  Let us think about just one Ordinary Day in the lives of Joseph, Mary and Jesus at Nazareth: family relationships, work, housework, prayer… At the level of appearances, nothing outstanding. Nothing that would create a “buzz”, nothing that would catch the eye. One would have to be a prophet like Simeon in order to detect the outstanding presence of God in the ordinary family of Nazareth.

I think you know that through Baptism every Christian is a Prophet, Priest and King. So how is he or she a prophet, you might ask? We are prophets within the Body of Christ, the Church. We    participate in the community in which the Lord inhabits and to whom the Lord has spoken and  indeed continues to speak to. The word of God has been sown into our hearts and in its light we “see” the world. In other words, faith has made us prophets. What do we prophesy about? The future? No, our attention is turned towards the presence of the Lord in our midst. He is here, with us, and not only in the Eucharist. The question I might want to ask is: “Is he in me?” Do I have in me a certain presence of the Lord for my brothers and sisters? That’s a very amazing way to be a prophet! One will know the true prophets from their fruits, which means that Christian prophets “carry” the good news that they want to share! Yes, the message we wish to give to others is    actually in us and should be made visible by our actions.

So, remember that “Ordinary Time” means that today the Lord is actually in our midst and I am called to make Him visible through my prophecy! Be a prophet of “Ordinary Time”!

Fr Sean Mary


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