Dear parishioners,

Welcome back to those of you who have been able to go away on holiday. As we know, it is not always easy to get back into our daily routine, at work especially. Yet, holidays mean time to recuperate some energy and a good spirit. Let us imitate St Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary who lived a simple life of prayer and work in Nazareth.

No matter the little things or the big things we are able to accomplish during this New Year 2017; what matters is, do we seek to please God by setting time aside every day for prayer and by loving and forgiving one another? This is the calling St Paul reminds us of today in the second Reading:

“I appeal to you brothers, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, to make up the differences between you, and instead of disagreeing among yourselves, to be united again in your belief and practice”  (1 Cor.1,10-13)

Let us be realistic. Yes, it is inevitable that in all families on earth, in all kind of communities and at our work place, disagreements take place. We are all different; we have received different educations; we have different life experiences and opinions about things.

Do we think that the twelve apostles Jesus called to be his associates in preaching and performing miracles were perfectly holy, always in perfect agreement with one another? It would be naïve to believe that!

These future priests were not better than other people but they were chosen by Jesus. It is after Pentecost, after having received the Holy Spirit that they really became an evangelising community of zealous and charitable men. Then the “people living in darkness “ experiencing that  communion of charity can see a great light and experience peace and joy. During this Week of Unity, let us decide to look at one another through the merciful eyes of Jesus since we are all children of God called to be holy in his presence.

At the beginning of this new year, Jesus invites all of us at St Teresa’s, to resolutely look at one another with more respect and more intense charity so as to form a family where no one feels alone and ignored but rather acknowledged and cared for.

God bless you all



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  1. Lairie Tefft

    Dear Fr Antoine,
    Just what I needed and when I needed to hear it. I pray that this will resound in my mind and heart for quite some time. God please bless you and your spirit with joy and hope in this New Year and may we all
    Be steadfast by His Grace.
    With deep gratitude, L. Tefft

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