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The First Sunday of Lent, Jesus went into the desert and thereby shows us that we must face our temptations. The Second Sunday of Lent, Jesus is Transfigured and thereby shows us that God is hidden just behind the veil, so we must hope.

This Sunday we have the Purification of the Temple.  Jesus takes a whip to all the money changers, saying “Take these out of here, and stop making my Father’s house a marketplace.” Reference?

Do we have a sense that the Church and the Eucharist are Sacred?  Sometimes we might in the depths of our hearts but because we are too used to Church we take it for granted. When we are “used to it”, Jesus comes at us with a whip to get us back into shape. Zeal is therefore really important.  It helps us to reform.

The most important thing to reform is our own hearts.  God gives us many great tools to do this, for example, confession cleans us of all our sins and the Eucharist teaches us to lay down our life in prayer.  The Rosary is also an excellent way to reform our hearts. But this Gospel also reminds us that our exterior actions in Church do matter. The fact that we recognise the Sacred should show in our actions. Here are some practical points to reflect upon and to put into action:

We can bless ourselves more intentionally with Holy Water as we walk in. Taking our time to make the Sign of the Cross and asking that God might renew our Baptism.

We may pay more attention to genuflecting as we enter and leave the Church. Making sure to make it a prayer and not just a habitual act, also trying to make sure our knee actually touches the ground (if our health permits).

Making it to Mass ten minutes early in order pray and prepare our hearts for Mass,because it is Sacred.

The zeal for His House reminds us to remain silent before mass and to only talk to God or about God.  Out of a renewed respect for the Lord and the Blessed Sacrament, we never leave Mass early, but we wait for the final song to finish.

Often during Lent, we try to think of new things to do for God. Though that is always a good idea, I would hope that this Lent we can also renew the basics that we are already doing.

Letting the zeal of the Love of God enter into the little things.  Thereby, “doing little things with Great Love.”


Fr Michael-Thérèse.


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