In meditating upon this Sunday’s gospel, we find that  the disciples were confused by all that was happening during the crucifixion and the following days. They were not able to really process that Christ was truly resurrected. Often we are caught up in the moment and we don’t see the big picture.

We have trouble discovering what  God’s plan is for us in our lives. Often we need to search for the truth in scriptures and our daily experience in daily life. If we don’t remain open to Christ teaching us we all too often get lost in all the overwhelming facets of life. We lose sight that God is guiding us and leading us and that He can write straight on the crooked lines of life.

Let us take this time to reflect and listen to God’s plan for us. Let us trust that He will guide us and reveal to us His plan and His resurrected body so that we might begin to truly trust and believe in Him. “if Christ is not resurrected vain is our faith”  1 Co 15


Fr Michael-Thérèse


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