Dear Parishioners,

Last weekend we had a major announcement.  Many of you have had a chance to express how you feel.  I was reminded of a famous quote: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”  It really feels like those words ring true. 

Some of you have expressed your strong support, some of you have expressed your strong discontent. Many of you have expressed that you would like the vision modified in one way or another and yet at the same time many have expressed that you would be happy to follow and you are ok with this vision as it is proposed. Whatever your thoughts may be,

two things are of the utmost importance right now:

  1. Take the time to give this over to God in prayer. This is really important.  As Catholics we must not let our feelings overwhelm us.  Turning in prayer to God, we do have to place this, like everything else into God’s hands.  You are being asked to give input too, but not on a reactionary basis.  Heed what our Bishop asked when he said to pray and do nothing for two weeks. Know that you will have July and August to formulate your thoughts if you feel the need. There will be a meeting with the Bishop concerning the proposal directly related to our situation, on July 17th.  I will announce more on that when the date and venue are confirmed.
  1. Have courage and hope.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that God is alive!  He writes straight with crooked lines. In the end, it is still God that writes, not any of us, and it is for us to follow Him.  Remember that that is part of what it means to be part of the Church.  To trust that God writes through the good and the bad, the up and the down, and that it is beautiful. Also, that whatever may happen, with courage, hope and God’s grace we will be able to do something beautiful for God’s people.

I have seen a lot of difficult situations, as I am sure you have.  The mature response will always be in the calm, collected courageous and hopeful person, who through all things remains faithful to Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

Fr Michael-Thérèse

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