Dear Parishioners,

I thought it would be good to present a little bit of the ‘brothers’ life. We are not the same as diocesan priests, we are called religious priests.  There are several core differences; a diocesan priest gives his life to serve in a diocese, a religious priest gives his life in a community to God.  A diocesan priest does not take vows, rather he promises chastity and to not go against the Church, while a religious priest makes vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Though diocesan priests often live together in community and help each other out, a religious is by its very nature in a community.  A diocesan priest stays in one diocese while a religious goes wherever his community asks him to go.

Some practical details of our lives that may interest you: the five of us, on average spend three to five hours together praying and with all of our weekly recreations, community meals, community studies, Bible sharing’s, meetings (which we call chapters), we often spend up to seven hours a day together. Over time we really get to know each other, and by God’s grace we (usually!) get along quite well. 😀

On an average day the brothers’ schedule looks like the following:

6:00 am – Wake

6:15 am – Silent adoration in St Teresa’s Church

7:00 am – Pray the morning prayer (chant the Psalms and listen to a passage from the Bible)

7:30 am – Breakfast

8:00 am – Personal time for reading the Bible, preparing homilies etc.

9:00 am – Each brother goes to his separate work

12:00 pm – Mass and midday prayer

1:15 pm – Lunch in community

5:00 pm – Pray evening prayer (chant the Psalms and listen to a passage from the Bible) 

5:30 pm – Adoration at St Teresa’s Church

7:00 pm – Meetings, dinner, personal time, visit families etc.

9:30 pm – 15 min of night prayer in community

Hopefully this helps you to get to know a bit better who we are and what our life is like. 

Please do keep us in your prayer.

In Him,

Fr Michael Therese 

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