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Paradise on Earth!

At the end of today’s Gospel, the people want to make Jesus the King.  He just      accomplishes the miracle of the loaves and the fish.  He did it because He cared about the people, not because He wanted to make heaven on earth.  People  cannot understand why God does not take away all the evil.  Why doesn’t God just take away all our    suffering?  Here He fills their bellies, so they want to make Him king.

The mission of Jesus was not to make heaven on earth, rather He came in order to transform this valley of tears into a pilgrimage towards His Heart.

We should not seek paradise on earth. This has always been a temptation, the desire for heaven on earth is written on our bones.

Since Adam and Eve left  paradise we have been constantly trying to get back to paradise.

The tower of Babel was an attempt to build heaven on earth, but it did not work.

Instead of heaven on earth, Jesus teaches us to transform every point of friction, every stumbling block, even every suffering into a point of growth.  How?  This is the mystery of the Cross, this is the mystery of learning to love even when we are faced with the greatest opposition.

Fr Michael Thérèse.


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