Dear parishioners,

Every family needs constant renewal.  If we are not the slightest bit aware of this, we are ignorant, and we are perhaps already in a dangerous place.  Renewal is first of all interior.  It is about a conversion of our own hearts.  The Gospel today gives us a few keys to renew our families and our own way of seeing the world around us.

Here are four keys:

  1. 1.:  When asked how to pray, in the Gospel of St. Luke, Jesus says: “Father, may your name be held holy”.  In order that our lives and our families be renewed we must truly turn to God. He is a loving Father. Do we bow down before Him?  Do we Worship Him with all that we are? Do we adore God? Without adoration, there is no trust in God. Only when we actively adore God can we truly place our Family in God’s hands. Only when the family worships God together are they truly united.
  2. 2.:  The Parable today explains that we have to persist. We can’t give up.  What though must we persist in? We must persist in prayer!  We must persist in turning to God in all things.  What must we pray for?  Keep on reading… it will be explained shortly
  3. 3.:  Sometimes we are afraid to ask.  Do you turn to God and ask Him for all that you need?  Do you have the courage to turn to Him at all times. As a family, we should pray together and turn to God, every night, asking Him for all that we need. 
  4. 4.: Often we pray for something but we don’t get it, why does God not answer our prayers?  He always answers our prayers, just not in the way that we want, but in the way that we need. What we really need is the Holy Spirit!  Without a true and living relationship with God we will be lost.  This is the answer to all our prayers.  If you have trouble understanding this ask the Lord to enlighten you and guide you to the full understanding.
  5. 5.

Accepting God as our Father, persisting in prayer and asking for all that we need will bring us to the life in the Holy Spirit, and this is what our families need.  This is what our hearts long for. I hope you can taste this already in your heart of hearts.

Fr Michael Thérèse

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