Dear parishioners,

Today is the Second Sunday of Lent and we hear in the Gospel how Jesus was transfigured before three of his disciples, Peter, James and John. Jesus was seen conversing with Moses and Elijah: they “spoke of his exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.” (cf. Luke 9:31) In this event of the Transfiguration that we meditate upon this Sunday, the Lord prepares us for the exodus that he is going to undertake. The exodus that he speaks about is not that of the Old Testament when the Israelites left Egypt to journey in the desert heading towards the Promised Land, but its prefiguration, the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.

God sent His Son into the world to bring us all back to Him. Like the people of Israel, under the yoke of slavery from the Egyptians, we too, are bound with chains by our sins. Jesus, through His ultimate sacrifice of the cross, His exodus frees us from the bondage of sin and makes us children of God. 

The Church, like Jesus, in this Second Sunday of Lent, prepares us for Jesus’ exodus that we will commemorate in about a month during the Paschal Triduum. Like Peter, James and John, we are invited to gaze at Jesus transfigured who reveals his glory to us so that, when the difficult times come, we will be able to remain steadfast in our faith in Christ. 

Let us continue to be fervent in prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The Lenten season is really an opportune time to experience in a very special way the love of God and to manifest our love for Him as well. 

Brother John-Van  

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