Dear Parishioners

Pentecost is here, and there are some changes coming up, details of which you will hear about today. When these things take place it is important to look at it from on high, so that we don’t lose focus. Recently I have often had a rather simple (almost too simple) thought running through my mind.  That is “in order to change we have to change”.  Change is scary, but with change comes hope.  I hope that our Parish (and all the parishes) will become a beacon of light and love for Christchurch and it seems like our Bishop is laying down the foundations for just that. That is why it is appropriate that these proposed changes be announced on Pentecost day. May we be filled with His Spirit, and may this be a new beginning.

The times we live in demand of all Catholics to return to roots of the faith. To be rooted in His life, modelled after the first Christians. Returning to the foundations, hope wells up from within, that this same Spirit might lead us to a renewal in holiness and a poor and simple love.

I dream, with our Bishop, that our Parish might continue to become a bustling village of life. Not just on Sundays but every day of the week. I hope and trust that these changes will greatly help to create a culture of saints in the midst of our parish and our Diocese. As we walk forward, let us trust in God and work for the good of all.

Fr Michael Therese

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