Dear Parishioners

I asked someone yesterday what I should preach this Sunday and he said. “They called Him King and four days later they shouted ‘Crucify Him’, at least that is the typical homily.” That got me thinking. Why?  Why did they change so quickly?  It seemed that they were following the crowd, they were stuck in a “group think”. Like a gaggle of geese, they followed. Sin tends to breaks down the mind’s capacity to stand on its own.

But what allowed the martyrs to stand on their own even before persecution?  It was God’s Grace surely.  It seems though that God’s grace led them to see clearly, despite the crowd.  They were able to see that something was more important than their life.  Their integrity is amazing. A true martyr sees so much meaning that he or she is willing to die for it. This thing that gives them meaning is so powerful that they cannot follow the crowds. They stand alone before the world.

I am tempted to say that the crowds are fickle because they plunged into a meaningless life.  Also, if you are not willing to die for something, your life is meaningless.  In saying that, I think of many mothers and fathers who would choose to die for their children, though of course they would rather avoid it. We find meaning in something outside of ourselves (our children, our friends, our work), and ultimately, we only find meaning in God. We discover His goodness which pervades all things and we cannot help but love Him and come outside of ourselves and lay down our lives.  Upon discovering this, we have found something worth fighting for.  Each of you must discover that meaning which comes from God, that meaning which gives hope. Let us pray that we may not be fickle, but that we might remain faithful unto the Cross.

On a practical note, here are four things to remember for Holy Week:

Go to Confession!

Receive the Holy Communion on Holy Thursday!

Follow the Way of the Cross and partake in the

Office of the Passion on Good


Don’t miss the Most important Mass of the year, Easter Vigil!


Fr Michael-Thérèse


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