Seeking God

Our Priory wants to be an oasis of prayer, a place of reflection, search for truth and fraternal welcome.

“Man does not live by bread alone.” These words of Jesus sound so much stronger in a country like New Zealand! Where can we find this other food that makes us live? Where can you find the love that our hearts so desperately need, a love that does not disappoint? “Consciously or unconsciously, who seeks the truth seeks God,” notes Edith Stein. In the midst of a secularised world, which forgets God, even who excludes God, who proclaims His death like Nietzsche, or at least who asserts his irrelevance in the affairs of our societies, we want to indicate without fear the source that the living God: God is Spirit. God is light. God is love.

Life of prayer

The apostle Saint John rested his head on the heart of Christ during the Last Supper. Like him, we wish to live close to Jesus’ Heart through our prayer lives, daily celebration of the Eucharist,  service in community, the Eucharistic adoration and the Thursday evening Holy Hour. Our first mission before a world that seems to no longer pray, is to intercede for the city of Christchurch and for the whole world.

Apostolic activities

  • Pastoral care of the parish (liturgy, catechism, etc.)
  • Saint John Institute (teachings in philosophy and theology)
  • Young people (Youth Group, Tramps, University Ministry)
  • Families
  • Spiritual accompaniment
  • Pilgrimages