Lectio Divina (Divine reading) is a dynamic, life-oriented approach to reading Holy Scriptures, encouraged by both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. It provides a framework for a faithful and respectful reading of the Bible that is sincere and authentic. Lectio Divina is a blessing for the entire Church as it opens up the rich truths of Scripture for every Christian. Through it, believers are invited to read, understand and deepen their appreciation of the Scriptures and to seek guidance for their lives in the teaching of Jesus. The goal is to meet Jesus as we read his Word and allow him to transform our lives to be more like him through the work of the Holy Spirit (United Bibles Societies, 2008).

Individuals may use Lectio Divina as an aspect of their prayers lives. When groups meet for Lectio Divina, a powerful added dimension occurs, as God speaks to participants, not only through Scripture, but also through the reflections of other people.

Currently at St Teresa’s, groups meet for Lectio Divina at 2.00pm  and 7.00pm on Wednesdays and 6.30 am (for Men) on Fridays. Groups always welcome people wanting to experience this simple devotional exercise for themselves. Contact the Parish Office and the Lectio Divina coordinator will contact you to discuss options.