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Last Sunday we spoke about how Ordinary Time is a time of growth in the    presence of the Lord. Our baptismal grace shows us that we share in Christ’s  dignity. We’ve already mentioned how we can be prophets in the Church. In what way are we also Kings?

To answer we must call to mind the way in which Christ was a King. He did not accept a throne on earth, he had no money, he did not have an army and he seemed powerless at the cross. Yet in Him, as a man, creation was finally    ordered to God and in Peace with His Father. Through His obedience He submitted the entire world to the Father’s will. What about us?

I might seem powerless and weak. I might judge myself harshly and consider myself unworthy. But I am invested with Charity, a virtue introducing a new    order within creation. If Charity is in my heart my interior life has a chance to be ordered by God from within. A “new heavens and a new earth” starts with me. If I respond to God’s love it will grow in me and it will inevitably influence the     realities surrounding me. That is how God is working on a “new creation”, and that is how I can collaborate with Jesus in submitting all things to the Father. He sees in me someone who can grow in responsibility. By the way, that is precisely the definition of authority (power and authority are not the same thing!). God’s Kingly authority aspires to see me grow to my fullest potential and shine forth the image of God that I am! In the beginning Adam received the gift of dominium allowing him to take on the responsibility of caring for the entire world. Today our world is very complex, but it remains our mission to overlook and to order the realities that are within our reach. Sometimes we sin through our acts, but so many more times we sin through omission. Much of the evil present in the world has prospered due to the omission of so many good people.

Let us consider, then, in what ways we are shying away from our vocation… Are you willing to be a King? What does the world around you look like today? How do you see yourself truly accepting your vocation to bring all things to Christ? If you accept your baptismal grace you can be a “King of Ordinary Time”: with no throne, no armies and no riches, yet a true presence of God’s authority for the good of creation!

Fr Sean Mary.


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