Lent… it is the proverbial desert.

There are 40 days in Lent.

The Spirit drives us into this desert.

Jesus spent 40 days there.

The Spirit drove Jesus into the desert. 

The Devil, the Adversary, Satan, was there.

Jesus was tempted, yet He did not fall.

With God’s grace neither will we fall.

Why does God want this experience in the desert?

Was it so that the He might be strengthened?

Perhaps it was to show us how to be strengthened.

Grit keeps us focused on the end.

Thus, Hope leads us to win the race.

And perseverance strengthens us.


In what do we persevere?

Three key words:


Persevere in Good News!

The Good News is precisely that, it is Good News!

It is Good because there is a promise,

A promise that Jesus’ Resurrection will extend to us,

A promise that Goodness and Truth will win,

A promise that your race will not be run in vain.

This Lent, are we trying to discover the Good News?

Are we reading Scripture,

Are we renewed in our Hope?


But we must Repent!

That means that we must leave behind our sin.

We have to straighten the road,

Lower the hills, raise the valleys.

What penance are we doing to help us repent?

Are we going to confession throughout Lent?


And finally, we are called to Believe!

We believe in the Good News!

Belief also implies a choice to trust

Trusting that all will be right

What different prayers are we doing for Lent?

Are we adoring the Lord? 

Do we take an hour with Him?


Repentance leads us out of sin.

Belief points us towards the goal.

The Good News is where we are going.


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