Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Victory, Saint Teresa and Saint Bernadette.

The words of Jesus today speak of the incredible calling put upon each one of us as members of the body of Christ.  We are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world!  It is through us, that God’s grace preserves the world from falling into tastelessness and into darkness.  We are a people set apart but also inserted right into the middle of this beautiful world.  To be the salt and the light we are to keep peace with one another, be gracious in our speech, to be true, to fight for justice, to be merciful, and most of all to love one another as God’s loves us.  This is our calling!  This is our mission!   And we are in this together. We are glad to start this time of transition and merging of our churches into one parish.  The brothers of Saint John look forward to getting to know you all and joining forces. Here is a quick introduction of the current brothers living in Christchurch:

Father Michael Therese:  Born and raised in Northern California USA, Father Michael has spent his time as a religious in France, India, and Texas, USA before coming to Christchurch.  He is now the Parish Priest and Prior. 

Father Sean Mary:  Born and bred in Brazil, Father Sean has spent his religious life in Texas and New Jersey, USA, the Philippines, France, and Switzerland before coming to Christchurch.  He is our Assistant Parish Priest.

Father Philip: Hails from Indiana, USA.  As a religious ,Father Philip has lived in Illinois and New Jersey, USA, and France, before coming to Christchurch.   He will be a supporting parish priest and will head up the chaplaincy for the Universities of Canterbury, Lincoln, and Ara.  

Brother Jan:  Raised in the great city of London, Brother Jan, after spending several years in France with the community has come to Christchurch for his ‘apostolic years’ in which he helps with formation programs, runs bible studies, and supports parish ministries.   

Brother Jerome was born, bred, and raised in the Philippines, he is our most recent arrival, just coming in November 2019.  Brother Jerome has spent his religious life in the Philippines (Cebu), and France before coming to Christchurch for his apostolic years.  Among other activities brother Jerome will help lead our Youth Ministry Program.

From all of us, know of our prayers and our desire to journey together with each one of you.  

God bless,

Fr Philip

L to R

Fr Philip, Br Jan, Fr Sean Mary & Fr Michael Therese

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