Dear Parishioners,

So we arrive at the last week of Lent! We complete the 40 days on Palm Sunday. Then we shall begin the most important week of our lives! Every year, Holy Week becomes the most important week of our lives and we must not forget that, even though we will not get a break from our busy schedules. The Lord will be entering His final moments on earth, as His Will to obey the Father will be challenged by his enemies in a fight that admits no quarters. We celebrate His lack of compromise with evil, even as we now see better than ever our own weaknesses. Lent always leads us to experience how much we are really in need of Our Savior. We thank Him for the gift of humility that we receive every year during Lent. But let us look ahead to the days that are approaching. Let us renew our decision to pray, fast and be generous with our gifts. There is still a lot of ground to cover, and if you feel like you haven’t done so well, look ahead and make the decision to honor Our Lord with the debt of gratitude and love. If we follow Him it’s out of this extraordinary debt of love that makes us want to thank Him with our very lives…

As this Sunday’s Gospel suggests, have the courage to see yourself in the figure of this adulterous woman. Her adultery represents the infidelities of God’s People through all ages. We have drifted away from God’s commandments, with choices that have made a mockery of God’s covenant with us. We are as powerless as this woman. As the devil approaches with the list of our sins we stay down on the ground. There’s not much to say or to argue against. But Jesus will have none of that! It is His decision that counts and once again He shows us what God’s judgment looks like. He has come to offer us Life in abundance. The joy of Christ is so great when He can raise this woman from the ground and send her       off, saying: “Go, and do not sin any more!”

We are therefore invited to take responsibility for our sins and to surrender them to Jesus. He wants us alive and well! He intercedes for our full recovery! Let us go forward towards the Paschal Feast with the same debt of gratitude this woman had for the remainder of her life! Do not fail to recognise the greatness of Christ’s Love for you! Make sure you let Him know what He means to you during this coming Holy Week! Shalom to all!

Fr Sean Mary

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