Dear Parishioners,

We are prophets in so far as we have Faith in the Word of God and allow this light to illuminate our lives. We are kings when we accept the mission of allowing Charity to re-order our lives both interiorly and exteriorly, so that the Kingdom of God already in our midst may become increasingly visible in our world. Let us now consider in what way we live of Christ’s Priesthood…


In the course of our lives all of us face moments of difficulty, of darkness, of temptation, of different sorts of suffering, both visible and invisible to others. We all face immense challenges through which we may grow both humanly and divinely or, heaven forbid, we stumble and lose heart. In such occasions we might feel like we are being tested. While some lose their way in bad times, others run to God for refuge!


Let us consider even more the joys of our existence! Let us think about all the beautiful events that have taken place in our lives: our families, our friendships, our accomplishments, our enjoyment of nature, of art, the satisfaction we get when we find meaning in our lives, when we are blessed with a truthful and honest lifestyle. Think of all the good others have done to us and how much goodness we are able to share with others! There is so much to be thankful for… and yet, sometimes success can lead us to turn our backs to God.


Both in good moments and in bad ones, a priest has the “power” to raise all of these realities to God! Having given you the Grace of Baptism the Lord has called you to unite your prayer to His! This dignity that you have already received allows you to effectively take part in the sacrifice of the Eucharist. Every Sunday at Mass as a priest you bring to the altar all of the negative and positive experiences of the week, all your efforts to be a friend of Jesus, and also all your failings. Then, being led by the Spirit beyond your own individual self, your heart is being transformed so as to care about the world, about others, even those you don’t necessarily like, those you might even call “enemies”. To become a priest is to consent to this transformation. Your heart of stone is becoming a heart of flesh, the very “Heart of Christ”! You are a Priest!


Fr. Sean Mary

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