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Christ is our King! He is alive and He is still ruling over us.  Do we accept Him as our King?  His reign enters into our lives through conforming our will to His Will.  Conforming our lives to the life of Christ. There is a beautiful image in the Book of Revelations, before the throne of God, there are 24 elders (12 from the 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 from the 12 Apostles). These 24 elders lay their crowns down before the throne of God and say “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being” (Rev 4:8). We are called to be like them, laying down all our crowns at the throne of the one true God. It is simple to allow Christ to be King of our lives for one hour a week while we attend Sunday mass, but Christ is not just King of Sunday masses.  Do we allow Christ to be King of our whole life? 

How is Christ King of our families?  It surely begins with praying in the family. If we are to pray as a family we unite our families around Christ.  We allow Him to penetrate into the Heart of the Home.  In a similar way, He is King of our day, through thinking of Him throughout the day, praying regularly.

How is Christ King of our work? Sometimes our work can go against the law of God, if we are obliged to do anything immoral, then our work separates us from His Kingdom. Our work belongs to God, and so throughout our day we can offer it to Him.  Also, if He is truly King, then we cannot be afraid to show our faith at work.  This does not mean that we should be rude, but it means that having a King should show externally (through actions, words and signs), not just internally.

How is Christ King of our love life?  We receive our loved ones from our King, and we even allow His law to govern our relations.  In marriage we are open to life.  In friendship, we love one another as Christ loves us. 

How is Christ King of our bodies?  Among other ways, we take care of our bodies through exercise and being mindful of what we eat. We also learn to fast regularly and not be a slave to our emotions or feelings.

At the close of this liturgical year, let us allow Christ into all the aspects of our life.  Let us allow Him to reign.

Fr Michael-Thérèse 

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