There is a man who had an interesting life…

He was conceived from a Virgin mother and the Holy Spirit. He was born in a stable for animals; many innocent babies were killed because of him. He spent 30 years working with his father as a carpenter. He never ceased praying, adoring God the Father, no matter what he was doing. He was never resentful or greedy, neither jealous nor selfish. He lived a humble life filled with silence and charity for everyone.

When he was twelve years old and without telling his parents, he disappeared for three days. They finally found him in the temple questioning the theologians and experts in the Law.

“Why were you looking for me?” (Luke 2,49) Is it not a strange question for a child in that situation?

At 30 years of age, he left his hometown to be alone in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights without eating. Who can do this and why?

For the last three years of his short life, he never stopped travelling and preaching mysterious things.  Many people loved to hear the message of his preaching while others despised it. He attracted huge crowds because of the numerous miracles that accompanied his teachings. It was no surprise that he got into big trouble with the religious authorities who were filled with jealousy and even hatred. Finally, they him condemned him to death, he the most innocent man who has ever existed. That man died at 33 years of age in the most horrible agony possible. They thought they were rid of him once and for all…

They were so wrong. That man was God made flesh. That man resurrected on the third day as he said he would. That man appeared to people during 40 days. That man promised his friends on the eve of his sacrifice of love for us that he would prepare a place for them in Heaven and that he would come back…

We are celebrating the mystery of his Ascension today. Let us pray every day to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost so that we excel in charity for one another in our family, in our parish, at our work place.  Then Jesus will find us ready when he appears in his glory; do we believe and hope in his glorious return?

Fr. Antoine

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