Christmas is near! Christ is coming!

Let us put aside all the pressure and tensions within and without and say the wonderful words once again, “Come Lord Jesus, come!”

This is a time of great joy, if you remember the joy you had as a little child on Christmas day you can also remember the anticipation that was in your heart.  As we grow older our joy in Christmas can diminish, usually because we get used to it. We stop looking forward to it. In fact, our joy is usually relative to the amount that we desire.  Joy comes when our  desires are fulfilled.

The first Sunday of Advent the Gospel showed us what we are to desire: that Christ might come for us this Christmas.  Both last week and this week the Gospel speaks about John the Baptist to get us ready.  John calls us to “make straight the way of the Lord”.  Our desire gets foggy and mixed over time.  Sin and the multiple anxieties of the world cloud our capacity to truly desire to see God. That is why today’s Gospel says that though John himself is not the light, he came to testify to the light.  Today God would like to clear out all the fog and call you to get ready; He is coming for your soul this Christmas!

How can we get ready?  There are many ways:

  • Pray as a family every night before the family’s Nativity scene
  • Go to confession as a family
  • Attend Mass every day until Christmas begins
  • Pray the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary every day
  • Fight the demons within: don’t let any bad thoughts root themselves in you
  • Read a brief daily Advent devotional book
  • Visit a Retirement home and hand out Christmas presents

Though these acts may seem minor, they are not!  Let us never forget that it is through simple acts like these that we make things meaningful.


Fr Michael Thérèse


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