Dear parishioners, during this month of November let us keep in mind:

November 1st, we celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints to contemplate with a “holy” jealousy the happiness of those who are now enjoying Eternal Life and the Vision of God, the canonised saints and the multitude of the unknown people who strived to live a holy life of intimate friendship with Jesus and love of their neighbour.

November 2nd, when Mass and prayers are especially offered for the souls in Purgatory who are not completely purified from sin. During the month of November, the Church invites us to continue to offer Mass for our departed since it is an act of fraternal charity and the best gift we can grant them while we are on earth. Purgatory is for the soul a state of great suffering, but a suffering caused by a very intense longing to be reunited fully to God, in hope. Those souls cannot do anything for themselves any longer. Their entry into Heaven depends on God’s Mercy and on our intercessory prayer of faith and hope. (Read more in CCC#1030->1032)

In today’s readings, we can clearly perceive the necessity to be ready at anytime to appear before God with a purified soul. Jesus wants us to be vigilant and wise in regard to our destiny. We are responsible for it. Animals cannot plan for their future but we can and we should! The ten virgins fell asleep. In other words, all of us will die. But five were foolish and five were wise. Does Jesus not allude to the division of mankind between people who seek God and the truth and to live a life according to His divine will and those who live only concerned with money, success and worldly pleasures?

Only the wise virgins had enough oil to enter the kingdom of God. What is that      necessary oil without which we cannot enter Heaven? Could it be the perfect charity   infused into our soul by the Holy Spirit? The wise virgins are those who wait in faith, hope and love for the most loving Bridegroom, Jesus, who will appear to all men one day in his glorious light. Are we really preparing to welcome him through charity and compassion toward our neighbour and a great desire to be united with him forever? Do we seek our own glory in what we do or the glory of God?

Fr Antoine


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