Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday we are shown the transformation in the life of a blind beggar at the entrance of Jericho.

We meet him in his usual “sitting” position, quite unable to fully participate in the activities of his day, literally marginalized, at the side of the road. His only source of “power” was his voice, and we can tell that he really knew how to use it. Nobody succeeded in quietening him down. And it was “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!” that he was shouting at the top of his lungs! Jesus stopped. This man was able to “stop” Jesus and that is quite amazing. It’s Jesus’ way of letting everyone else know the importance of this man. The Lord called him and at that point everyone is paying attention. An amazing transformation is about to take place and the blind man knows it! He leaps up from the ground because he knows what’s about to happen!

“What do you want me to do for you?” Think about that question for a minute… What wouldn’t we give to hear the Lord addressing us with those words? What would it take for the Lord to be able to say these words to us?

“Master, let me see again!” That is an absolutely reasonable petition. An obvious request without a doubt. Yet there is a deeper level to this prayer. Jesus simply says “Go!” and “Your faith has saved you” and that is enough for this man to recover his sight. But what does he do next? Does he take off, does he go about his own business? No, he sees Jesus and the road up ahead and he follows Jesus “along the road”.

His transformation is truly astounding: from the poor victim of life’s circumstances, sitting by the side of the road, to a full participant in the most important event in human history! That is what has happened here. The “road” Jesus is traveling is the road to Jerusalem, it’s the road to the Glory of victory over evil at the Cross. That is the road we all need to see and choose to participate in. This blind man is given to us so that we can question what it is that is lacking in our resolve and in our sight!

Can our Marian Consecration perhaps lead us to experience a similar transformation? Are there still ways that we can all improve as a Parish, that we might find ourselves more boldly following Jesus “along the road”?


Fr Sean Mary

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