A Parish “Take Home” Retreat

Since the first week that I was named parish priest, the Lord has put on my heart to lead the parish to do a 33 day retreat, and in the end to Consecrate ourselves to our Lord through the hands of Mary. When I realised that this is the 50thanniversary of the construction of our Church, it struck me that that we should celebrate these 50 years in a way that would really please God, by making a communal act of consecration.

A point that is important to consider is that this is part of the Charism of the Community of St. John, so it is something that we really carry in our hearts, it is part of who we are as a religious community.  St. John stood at the foot of the Cross when Jesus was dying and Jesus looked at him and said “Behold your Mother”.  From that day forward St. John took Mary into his home. From that we understand that there is a special relationship between Mary and John. We too who are part of the Community of St. John want to have a special relationship with Mary and through Mary to Jesus. That is why any parish that is run by the Community of St. John would have at its heart the Eucharist and Mary and it is why I am asking all of our parishioners to join us in this 33-day retreat and the event on the 8thof December.

How? It is really simple.

It is a “short, easy, secure and perfect way to become a saint”.

1stSign up (On our website, Facebook page or after any Sunday mass)

2ndPick up a copy of the “33 Days to Morning Glory” Do-it-Yourself Retreat (at either the info evening on Nov 1stor after Sunday Mass on November 4th)

3rdSpend about 10 min each day, for 33 days (November 5thto December 8th), reading a meditation and praying a brief prayer

4thJoin the whole Parish for the Procession, Mass and celebrations with the Bishop on Saturday, December 8that 11 am to 3 pm.

There will be many little changes during these 33 days, it will be a great opportunity to renew your faith life and to deepen your relationship with God. If you are struggling, this is a life changing experience. If you have already done this 33-day retreat, it is a great opportunity to renew it.

Please know that I personally invite each of you to join us for this great Renewal of our life in Christ.

In Him

Fr Michael Therese Scheerger

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