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When a man proposes to a woman with the intention of loving her until death, what does it reveal to her? She should understand that he loves her very much and is committed to love her for life, ready to face any hardships that may arise.

If one of the two spouses falls into a temptation of infidelity in the course of their life, then the trials begin. There is again a choice to make. Either the faithful spouse heroically and with the grace of God strives at loving the unfaithful spouse beyond the natural feelings of anger, sorrow or even sometimes hatred, or he or she refuses to continue in the marriage.

Yet, as a Christian, the path to holiness is to give the unfaithful spouse a chance to repent, with a charitable patience to be asked of God in a perseverant prayer of hope. Nothing is impossible to the one who believes.

In today’s readings (Is.5:1-7) and Matt.21:33-43) God reveals His infinite and loving patience with the people of Israel, the chosen people above all others, called to be a fruitful vine and light for the nations.

Jesus uses a parable to address the chief priests and scribes, spiritual leaders of Israel, because they have badly failed to help the children of God to adore, to pray, to love one another and to therefore be an example of holiness for the nations. How could Israel do the opposite of what God expected from them after having manifested His love and fidelity so many times?

If some of you are parents, if you have spent years showing caring and love to your children, forgiving them their faults with patience and you receive nothing but complaints and rude words, seeing that your children are only interested in your money and material goods, what would you do?

God did everything to His vineyard. You may have done everything for your children. You received nothing but ingratitude in return.  What did God do after sending so many prophets to reveal His divine will and untiring love to the people along with His disapproval of their actions? He sent them His beloved Son. But they crucified him…

As to us today, do we truly live a daily relationship with Jesus that is manifested by  morning and night prayer at least? Do we set time daily to encounter him, at home and at Church before the tabernacle? God will never reject us since He is Love…




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