Dear parishioners,

The Holy spirit profoundly touched Jessica. She came on a weekend retreat after having put up with months of pestering from her friends.  She never knew how much God loves her.  She had had a difficult life up to the day she entered the retreat.  Her mother was quite troubled; all too often in institutes for those with mental troubles to be able to be much of a mom. Jessica’s father though was always a good man. Though too occupied with his wife to be able to be there for Jessica; he did all he could. 

During this weekend, she met for the first time people who wanted the good for her. People were genuine; they were working through their issues, but still, they cared. She had a crucial conversation with a Priest that helped to prepare her heart, but it was primarily the healing encounter with the Eucharistic Lord that changed her life. She is still, many years later, bubbling with the joy of the Lord. The Holy Spirit has taken root in her heart through the Rosary, Daily Mass and the study of Scripture. Jess still loves to sit at the feet of the Lord.

Something she has recently been talking about is an ever-growing desire to serve.  To help all people to know the love that she has come to know. She is ready to leave all things, father, mother, brothers and sisters to be the Disciple of Christ. Her heart is a missionary heart. She is now taking the time to discern what kind of life the Lord is asking of her. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may she take her next steps in following the Lord wherever He leads her. 

There are very few, truly meaningful things.  In fact, there is only one thing, and that one thing gives sense to everything else. We call that thing “God”.  It is the source of everything else, the creator of all things.  To be part of His Church means that the flame that transforms Jessica, transforms us too. That is the fire that we call “the Holy Spirit”, which makes of us “Missionary Disciples”. Do you have this same flame?

Fr Michael Therese Scheerger

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