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Peter is the Rock. Christ’s authority is granted to Peter, and upon this, Christ’s Church is built. We see this further developed when Jesus mentions that He will give Peter the Keys of the Kingdom, so that Peter can open and shut, so that Peter can be His Vicar after Jesus ascends into heaven.

Today, though, there seems to be a spirit of rebellion in the world, and this spirit comes forth from evil. It is a spirit that says it has to be done “my way”. It is a spirit that says: “I will not submit to God, to Scripture and most especially not to the Church”. It is a spirit that wants to point out every fault in the Church, saying “it’s too rich” or “look at all the sexual scandals” or “look how divided they are”. This spirit of rebellion says “l can do it

better”, “l will not listen to the authority of the Church”. Yet it seems to forget that  the Apostles were not perfect: Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter denied Jesus three times, and all the apostles except John abandoned Him at the cross. This spirit of rebellion forgets that despite all of the Church’s flaws, the Holy Spirit still guides Her.


The Holy Spirit used these very same apostles (except Judas) to bring the Good News to all the Nations. We seem to forget that the Holy Spirit still uses the authority of the Hierarchy to Teach, Govern and Sanctify the Church. It is not the human that we trust but it is the God who works through and in the human. It is not the human institution, but the divine institution.  The human is made Holy by the Divine.

Today we need to fight this spirit of rebellion wherever we find it. At the root of this spirit of rebellion is the spirit of doubt, which leads to a spirit of persecution.  This fight is first and foremost within our own hearts. Let us trust in God (not in men), let us trust that God works through, with and in His Holy Church for She is His Bride.  The Holy Church is immaculate, washed clean in the Blood of The Lamb.


Fr Michael-Thérèse


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