What do you think is the worst thing on earth?

For some people it may be to be betrayed by a friend, for some, to have a breakdown in their marriage, for others, to fail exams repeatedly or it to lose a job with little hope of finding another one.

Yet, what could be worse after our death when we knock at the door of Heaven asking: “Lord, open to us,” than hearing Jesus say to us: “I do not know where you come from”. (Luke 13,25)

Indeed, there cannot be greater suffering than to be forever separated from God since He has created us for happiness through a perfect communion of love with Him. “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him may not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3,16)

How should we understand the meaning of the narrow gate?

St Cyril said, “The narrow gate represents the toils and sufferings of the saints. For as a victory in battle bears witness to the strength of the soldiers, so a courageous endurance of labours and temptations will make a man strong.”

Was it a pertinent question to ask Jesus: “Will there only be a few saved?

Indeed, we know that Jesus often answers in a way different from that which we expect him to which is more beneficial for the good of our soul.

St Cyril answers: “And what advantage would it have been to His hearers to know whether there should be many or few who would be saved?”

Who is the Master of the House?

St Bede responds:The master of the house is Christ, who as God is everywhere….”

Thus, the teaching of Jesus is clear: Since our life on earth is very short, we need to adore God, to listen to His words, to love and forgive one another every day if we hope to enter Heaven.





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