Dear Parishioner

Isn’t it a strange and sad experience, to meet people who say they are atheists

or agnostic? Don’t we want to ask them several questions like: what was the cause

of the universe? What is the purpose of human existence?


Billions of people believe in God the Creator of the universe. For us believers, we

not only know that God exists but that He also invites human beings to

encounter Him in many ways as Elijah experienced in such a powerful way. If

we spend a lot of time at work, at the mall or before our TV and computer

screens , we may find it impossible to encounter God and to listen to His voice!


This is why Jesus invites us to follow him up to the mountain where he prayed

alone. As we can see in today’s Gospel which follows the great miracle of the

multiplication of the five loaves and two fish, Jesus did not want his disciples to

become excited by his amazing miracle to the point of vain glory for being the

disciples of Jesus, the miracle maker. So he made them leave the crowd and cross

the lake to  the other side. We know the meaning of the symbols involved here:


The sea or lake signifies our earthly life and its

instability; the storm and the frightening waves refer to

the trials and difficulties of this life that are

overwhelming at times as we know by experience; the

boat refers to the Catholic Church steered by the

apostles. The other side means the shore of Eternal Life.


What did Jesus want to teach the apostles when he delayed his coming to them

by walking on the water? He let them struggle for a part of the night as he lets

us struggle for a while in our life on earth so that we can see more clearly that

we cannot make it by ourselves! This is a remedy to the dangerous temptation

of pride.

We need Jesus!!

We need therefore to pray every day, especially in front of the tabernacle.

Do we do this??




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