Dear Parishioners,

“The Harvest is rich but the labourers are few.”  These words were true during the time of Christ and are true today. 

I dream that our parish will become a missionary parish.  A parish where every member realises that he or she has a personal relationship with God. Where we are not afraid to share it. That we go out like lambs among the wolves. A parish where we do not hesitate to support one another and a parish where each member actively seeks to bring Christ’s peace to our neighbour’s house.  Where we realise that our life is short, that God is coming for us and we have to get ready.  

We cannot waste time on secondary things, instead we must begin by conforming our lives to that of Christ. We are called to leave behind all childish things and become adults in the faith. 

At times though it is difficult to communicate our Faith.  Often this is due to the following reasons:

  1. 1.: We do not spend enough time praying, studying and talking about the God’s work of Salvation throughout history.
  2. 2.: We are too timid, to a fault.  It is fine to be introverted, but to the point that one not be able to make the sign of the Cross or pray in public? To the point that we never speak about our joy in God to ‘friends’ at work or on the street?  
  3. 3.: Often, we only have experience talking with people closest to us and those are precisely the people who often least receptive… “familiarity breeds contempt”. Bad experiences make it so that we are afraid to speak about our beliefs. 
  4. 4. Sometimes we just don’t want to be confrontational and the world around us seems to be looking for any reason it can find to call out Christians.  But now would be the time to stand, now would be the time to refuse to stop being what Christ has called us to be. We should never be confrontational, yet at the same time we should not be afraid to be ourselves, and Christ is the heart of who we are. 

Being a missionary parish means that each member must have a personal relationship with God. This relationship must be deepened, cared for, fostered.  If it is lived of correctly, we will care for our brothers and sisters, and we will reach out to them and we will bring peace to their homes.

  Fr Michael Therese

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