Dear brothers and sisters

The growth of the mustard seed is phenomenal. Beginning from a tiny seed, it can grow up to twenty feet high and twenty feet wide.  Faith has the potential to grow in an incredible way, as    witnessed in the lives of the saints. By the end of their lives they all had hearts like Christ’s Heart, hearts so large that they can love all the people of the world.  It must always begin, though, with a simple and complete trust in God. We must be willing to leave our homeland as our father Abraham did.

What are the things that impede the kingdom’s growth?

Lack of Courage is one thing.  We must have     courage to break from the habits of old and seek a new way of life. Risking many things, we must dare to follow God wherever He might lead us. We also lack the courage to defend what we know to be of God.  We may not have the zeal to stand up against what is clearly against the Gospel.

Lack of Temperance is another. We are often too attached to the things of this world. We care too much about material things, such as cars, cellphones etc.  Or we care too much about what other people think about us. We are often so attached to our    families or others that our souls cannot soar into a profound relationship with God.

Lack of Justice is another.  We often err on being either too hard or too soft. We defend our own thoughts, our own families, our own people, but we are unable to see beyond ourselves and do what is right.

Lack of Hope is the final one for today.  Do you lose drive?  Do you lose sight of the good that we are fighting for in this life?  Do you find yourself getting angry all the time or else have you have stopped trusting in God?  Do you find yourself not interested and  despondent?  Feeling overwhelmed by the incidences in life we often fall back on either anger or love of the world, and essentially, we stop growing because we lose hope. We must be men and women of hope!  Hope is a defining point in the life of a Christian on this earth.

Facing the world today, we must let the mustard see grow!  Where are you in your own spiritual growth? Each of us must find the spiritual food that we need (The three main foods are: Eucharist, Word of God and Will of God).

There is no time like the present, the world needs the love of God, and if we don’t bring it who will?


Fr Michael-Thérèse


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