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4th Sunday of Lent

Dear Parishioners, During this time where many are afraid and we are asked to have a certain social distancing it is important to come and pray.  Let this be a time of deepening, of greater love and trust in God, and not less.  I hope that at our Churches we can have Adoration and Confessions available. Also, I hope that every family can celebrate a liturgy of the word in their home.   We will be providing the Liturgy of the Word, printed for everyone at our Churches, It will also be available via email and on Facebook.  The homilies will still be available on Podcast, and on the St Teresa website.  Remain in Touch and if you are not receiving the Parish Emails Please register for the Parish on our Website. 

Third Sunday of Lent

Dear Parishioners, In this third Sunday of Lent we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to re-discover our personal thirst for the  “living waters” Jesus promises us. We are blessed whenever we become aware of this thirst. Our catechumens and candidates are a powerful reminder to us of just how deeply seated the thirst of the human heart is. The “well is deep” said the Samaritan woman…and the thirst runs even deeper, it springs from the eternity of God and it changes human lives. To experience the longing for the Lord is without a doubt a great gift of the Spirit. It’s at the very root of conversion. We must look at conversion as a movement stemming from the deep thirst found within ourselves because that is the only authentic reason to turn our hearts over to our Lord. Has he done enough for you yet that you are able to see Him as the only one who can quench your thirst ?  It is our primary task as Pastors to help all parishioners increase their thirst for the Living Waters. This happens when we come to know better who Jesus is. We are doing our best to take advantage of this opportunity right now as we move forward towards the new parish we are to become and open our hearts and minds to what new life the Holy Spirit is preparing for us. We are so encouraged by your participation so far ! You have responded in high numbers to our survey on Mass times (beginning after Easter) and at present we are breaking down the data and working on the new Mass times that we hope to make known to you next Sunday. On the First Sunday of Lent a beautiful meeting took place at St Teresa’s Hall. Up to 200 parishioners from Sockburn, Hornby and Riccarton worked together in order to help Fr Michael build a vision of a new pastoral plan. It was an impressive gathering and a strong prophetic sign of the new energy that is already visible in our midst. Expect a lot more of that ! All your contributions are being processed as well and will prove invaluable to our work as pastors. Lastly, we can point out that the first Alpha meeting for volunteers was very well attended. indeed. Forty people expressed interest and twenty five parishioners showed up to learn more about how they can help Vicki Surrey, our parish transition manager, who is running this programme. We are praying for them and for the success of this evangelisation effort. We’ll have more information on that soon ! Searching for the Living Water of Christ is a full-time effort for all those who wish to help others themselves quench their own thirst ! We know that the Living Water is really all that we as humans are seeking while on this planet. We know where it is to be found but we must all understand that Lent only exists because it is so easy to lose track of this deep well and to replace the actual gift of God with so many other goods which satisfy us in the moment but in the end leave us out to dry. Let us thank the Lord for calling us back to the desert where the real thirst of the human heart can be unveiled and we may then begin to live again. How strange ! Blessed are those who “thirst”…. ! Fr Sean Mary